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Scrabble Dictionary FAQ: Everything you need to know

Have you ever played Scrabble and encountered a word you weren’t sure was allowed? Or maybe you’ve heard other Scrabble players talking about the Scrabble Dictionary and wondered what it is exactly? In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the Scrabble Dictionary.

What is the Scrabble Dictionary?

Simply put, the Scrabble Dictionary is a comprehensive dictionary of all the words allowed in Scrabble. The Official Scrabble Player’s Dictionary (OSPD) is the version casual Scrabble players find most useful. Tournaments use the Official Tournament and Club Word List (OTCWL), which is more extensive and doesn’t include definitions.

Scrabble Dictionary vs. other dictionaries

So, what sets the Scrabble Dictionary apart from other dictionaries? Firstly, it only includes words between 2 and 8 letters long, though longer words can be played using existing words on the board.

Secondly, it excludes some offensive words like “F*ck,” “Sh*t,” and “C*nt” (hopefully, you can fill in the blanks). However, less offensive words like “*ss,” “Cr*p,” and “B*tch” are allowed.

Standard dictionaries also offer more detailed information and variations of the words you look up.

How do words get into the Scrabble Dictionary?

The Scrabble Dictionary is updated every few years to ensure it stays current. It was most recently updated at the beginning of 2023, adding more than 500 new words, many relating to tech, slang, food, and popular preferences.

For a word to be added to the Scrabble Dictionary, it must be found in two or more of the top five most popular dictionaries and meet the other criteria, like being relatively unoffensive and within the word length range.

Some of the words added in the latest update include “Guac,” “Matcha,” “Unsub,” “Torrenting,” “Pageview,” “Adorbs,” and “Swole.” These new additions reflect the language we use in our everyday lives.

Why are Scrabble words not in the real dictionary? Why are fake words allowed?

I share Scrabble tips on my YouTube daily, and one of the most common comments I get is, “ThAt’S NoT A ReaL WoRd.” So, believe me, I double-check all of the words I play before posting.

So why are the words most of us are unfamiliar with allowed in Scrabble?

It’s important to note that many Scrabble words are not commonly used in everyday language, which may explain why some people might not be familiar with them.

The main inclusion criteria for the Scrabble dictionary is that the word is included in at least two of the top five most popular dictionaries. This also means that a word not in most dictionaries can still be allowed in Scrabble.

To put it into perspective, the Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary has more than 476,000 words. It would be nearly impossible to memorize every word in the dictionary, so naturally, some of the terms will be unfamiliar.

Remember that Scrabble is a game that tests your vocabulary and word knowledge, and it can be a great way to expand your language skills and challenge yourself.

Where to get a Scrabble Dictionary

If you’re interested in using the Scrabble Dictionary, there are several ways to access it. I bought my most recent copy of the Official Scrabble Player’s Dictionary on Amazon for $8.59. You can usually find it anywhere with a decent board game selection, including Target and Walmart.

You can also find it free online. The Merriam-Webster version seems to be the most up-to-date and accurate. Hasbro also has its own online Scrabble dictionary, but it doesn’t reflect the most recently added words. Either should be a somewhat reliable source since Hasbro owns the copyright of the dictionary, and Merriam-Webster is the official publisher of it.

Additionally, many Scrabble apps include the Scrabble Dictionary feature, although if you’re playing a different game like Words With Friends, most use slightly different dictionaries.

Features of the Scrabble Dictionary

The Scrabble dictionary includes words, parts of speech, inflected forms, and brief definitions. In general, it provides less information about each word than other dictionaries.

The paper version of the OSPD also includes helpful sections at the end, including:

  • Words that use Q not followed by U
  •  Words with no AEIOU vowels (meaning they could have a Y)
  •  Words with J, Q, Z, and/or Z

The Merriam-Webster online Scrabble dictionary allows you to search for words starting with, ending with, or containing anything you type in. When you type in a complete word, it also gives you a list of playable words you can make from those letters, or you can simply type in all of your letters, and it will tell you everything you can spell.

How to use the Scrabble Dictionary

In Scrabble, if someone plays a word you think is fake, you can challenge it before the next player goes.

You can challenge a word by looking it up in the Scrabble Dictionary, and if it’s not there, the person who played it has to take their tiles back and pass their turn.

It’s worth noting that in official rules, you cannot look up words to help you decide what to play. However, if you’re just playing for fun and to learn, you can choose to set your own rules and look things up as you go along.

Having access to the Scrabble Dictionary is a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their Scrabble game. It ensures you play valid words and helps you discover new ones you may not have known were allowed.

You can also use it to learn new words and practice the specific word types that are particularly helpful in Scrabble, like words using Q, J, and Z and 2-letter words.

The Scrabble Dictionary is a must-have resource for anyone looking to up their Scrabble game. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned pro, having access to the Scrabble Dictionary will help you improve your game and discover new words to impress your opponents.

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